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Estimates and Bids

Estimating the cost of a project is a key element in any construction job.  The viability of a project often depends on the cost.  For this reason it is very important estimates be as accurate and realistic as possible. Construction costs vary depending on a number of variables–the timeframe for completion, the quality of the materials to be used, the level of workmanship required, the size, scope of work, and type of construction to be done, are just a few examples.

Construction costs may vary greatly from place to place. They are tied to local economic conditions and pricing fluctuations within the industry.  We live and work in the coastal communities of San Mateo County.  We are general contractors serving the communities of Half Moon Bay and El Granada.  We specialize in new home construction and home remodeling.  We are well acquainted with all aspects of construction costs, including labor, equipment, materials, building code requirements, permits and environmental and safety requirements.

Different contractors have different ways of estimating and bidding.  A quick quote is an officially stated price for a job. It is useful when you just want to have a general idea or a ballpark cost of your project. You can get a quick ballpark bid from us usually on the same day or within a few days.  A formal bid is a detailed offer to perform work in accordance to certain specifications and timeframes.  The specifications, requirements and project deadlines are stipulated by the owner.  We’d be happy to bid on your project. Just keep in mind that a formal bid may require that we go over your plans in more detail and that may take a little more time.

We understand that planning a construction job can be a very demanding and time-consuming endeavor.  So, feel free to take advantage of our experience during the planning stages of your home project and give us a call or email us.

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